Morris K. Udall: A Lifetime of Service to Arizona and the United States
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Portrait. 1968 campaign.

Books by Morris K. Udall

Arizona Law of Evidence, 1960 

The Job of the Congressman, 1966 

Education of a Congressman, 1972

Too Funny To Be President, 1988

Articles by Morris K. Udall

"Report on the 87th Congress," Arizona Frontiers, December, 1961. 

"Khrushchev Could Have Said It," New Republic, May, 1962. 

"Where's the Welfare State?"New Republic, October, 1962. 

"I Will Not Compromise,"New Republic, January, 1964. 

"A National Park for the Sonoran Desert,"Audubon Magazine, 1966. 

"Vietnam, This Nation is Caught On a Treadmill,"Reveille, July 1967. 

"The High Cost of Being a Congressman,"Playboy, November, 1967. 

"On Spaceship Earth: Standing Room Only,"Arizona Republic, July 27, 1969; reprinted as "Standing Room Only on Spaceship Earth," in Reader's Digest, December 1969. 

"The United States and Vietnam: What Lies Ahead,"Congressman's Report, October 23, 1967. 

"Ethics in Congress, Or Powell and Dodd Weren't All Bad," Wesleyan Review, 1969. 

"A Scandal Called Welfare," The Progressive, April 1971. 

"Man, Endangered Species,"Illinois Education, November 1972. 

"Land Speculation," Field and Stream, December 1972. 

"Where Do We Go From Here?: The Democratic Party"The New Republic, November 24, 1973. 

"Your Right to Write," U.S. News and World Report, 1978. 

"The Future of Nuclear Generation-A Post TMI Perspective," The Public Utilities Fortnightly, June 1980. 

"Navajo and Hopi: No Villains, Only Victims,"Washington Post, June 23, 1986.  

Books and Articles about Morris K. Udall


Addresses and Special Orders Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, Presented in Honor of Hon. Morris K. "Mo" Udall, A Representative From Arizona. House Document 102-149, 102nd Congress, Washington, D.C., 1993. Proceedings in the House and Senate in the spring of 1991 honoring Udall, as well as biographical notes, letters from colleagues and friends, personal tributes to Udall, selected speeches and writings of Udall, newspaper tributes, photos, and Udall's letter of resignation from the Congress. Link to catalog record.

"Mo: The life and times of Morris K. Udall," by Donald W. Carson (Donald Winslow) and James W. Johnson, 2001. Link to catalog record.


"The Road to Power in Congress," by Larry King, Harper's Magazine, June 1971. 

"The Enigma of Mo Udall," by James Cook, Arizona Republic, June, 1971. 

"Will Rogers is Running for President," and "Mo Udall: Long Shot," by Aaron Latham, New York Magazine, December, 1974. 

"Udall for President: No Laughing Matter," by Mike Barnes, Democratic Review, June/July, 1975. 

"For the Easy Going Arizona Rebel, Mo Udall," People, March, 1976. 

"This Fella from Arizona," by James Perry, Audubon Magazine November, 1981. 

"Coping: A Onetime Presidential Candidate: Parkinson's Disease," People, December 1981. 

"The Best and the Worst of the House of Representatives," Washington Monthly, September, 1984.  

"Mo's Biggest Battle", People, June, 1991

Special Reports

Special reports and statements issued by Morris Udall on specific topics.

"Those Glen Canyon Transmission Lines -- Some Facts and Figures on a Bitter Dispute," 1961

"The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961," 1961

"The Dismissal of Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker," 1961

"Cuban Situation," September 12, 1962

"The Superstition Mountains: What Future Use will Best Serve Arizona?" c. 1962

"The Supreme Court Decision on Public Prayer," c. 1961-1962

"The 'Red Mail' Question," c. 1961-1962

F. Y. I.

"For Your Information" -- A periodic summary of the legislative activity of the Congress of the United States and proposals and general information of interest to the residents of the 2nd Congressional District of Arizona.

"Revenue Act of 1978," October 1978

"Update on the Tomato War," March 1979

"The Fight Against Inflation: A Report," April 1979

"The MX Missile," July 1979

"Amtrak Reorganization Act of 1979 (HR3996)," July 1979

"Abortion," October 1979

"Some Answers for TRIM," Spring 1980

Congressional Briefs

From the office of Morris K. Udall

"What Arizonans Think," April 1974

"95th Congress: Steady And Cautious," June 1978

"Public Enemies of '79 Are Persistent Villains," December 1979