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This website is a companion to After 500 Years: Print and Propaganda in the Reformation, an exhibit held at University of Arizona Special Collections Fall 2017.

Curated by:

  • Susan C. Karant-Nunn, Regents’ Professor Emerita of History
  • Ute Lotz-Heumann, Heiko A. Oberman Professor
  • Roger Myers, Special Collections Librarian
  • Molly Stothert-Maurer, Special Collections Processing Archivist

Digital exhibition team:

  • Rebecca Blakiston, Project Manager
  • Ginger Bidwell, Senior Web Designer/Developer
  • Christopher Green, Senior Web Designer/Developer
  • Mike Hagedon, Team Lead for Software & Web Development
  • Andy Osborne, Applications Systems Analyst
  • Rui Qi, Senior Web Designer/Developer
  • Will Simpson, Senior Applications Systems Analyst/Developer
  • Jeff Turman, Senior Applications Systems Analyst/Developer

Special thanks to the following members of the University of Arizona Libraries:

  • Steve Hussman, Director of Special Collections
  • Jane Prescott-Smith, Special Assistant to the Dean
  • Mike Simpson, Interim Department Head for Technology Strategy & Services