Stewart L. Udall: Advocate for the Planet Earth
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Selected Books and Articles

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Articles by Udall

A Congressman Defends The House, New York Times Magazine, January 12, 1958.

Interdependence: Key To Mutual Welfare of Canada and the United States, INCO, Spring 1961.

National Parks For The Future, The Atlantic Monthly, June 1961.

Plea for... A Green Legacy, The Christian Science Monitor, September 12, 1961.

We Need "Distance In Our Eyes",  Life Magazine, December 22, 1961.

Open Space-The Threat and The Opportunity, The Rotarian, May 1962.

The Conservation Challenge of the 60's, The Carpenter, June 1962.

Secretary of the Interior Udall proposes: A Citizens' Lobby For the Outdoors, Park Maintenance, February, 1963.

Save the Redwoods, New York Herald Tribune, Sunday, May 25, 1963.

We Must Save The Beauty of Our Land, The Carpenter, April, 1964.

Wild Rivers, Pageant, October, 1964.

Our Perilous Population Implosion, Saturday Review, September 2, 1967.

Is There A Future for the National Parks?, February, 1972.

'...and miles to go before I sleep' Robert Frosts Last Adventure, New York Times Magazine, June 11, 1972.

The Energy Crisis: A Radical Solution, World Magazine, May 1973.

Supertechnology: Another God That Failed, New Mexico Alumnus, March 1977.

Human Values and Hometown Snapshots: Early Days in St. Johns, American West, April 1982.

An Anchor to Windward, El Palacio, The Museum of New Mexico Magazine, Spring 1995.