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The battleship Arizona served with pride and distinction in the US Navy from 1916 until 1941. The map above highlights the events surrounding the USS Arizona as well as the duties the ship carried out over her lifetime. Among the many duties the ship performed was service with the British Grand Fleet at the end of World War I, taking President Hoover on a cruise of the Caribbean in 1931, providing aid after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake and serving as a location for the filming of the movie Here Comes the Navy. Tragically, the ship is familiar to most people because on December 7th, 1941, the USS Arizona was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the loss of over eleven hundred crew members.

The purpose of this web exhibit is to present the papers, photographs, and memorabilia of the USS Arizona held by the University of Arizona library's Special Collections. Many of these items are on exhibit at the USS Arizona memorial in the University of Arizona Student Union. We wish to give emphasis to those materials that are located at the University of Arizona and are not widely available via other sources.