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This digital exhibition is an update and enhancement of the "USS Arizona - that terrible day" digital exhibit which was launched for the 54th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the University of Arizona Libraries on December 7, 1995. Original curators of the exhibition were: Gene Spesard, Peter Steere, John Murphy, and Roger Myers and without whom the 2016 digital exhibition would not be possible.


2016 Digital Exhibition team

  • Erika B. Castaño, Digital Initiatives Archivist 
  • Randi Leigh Johnson, Library Information Associate 
  • Mike Hagedon, Team Lead for Software & Web Development 
  • Rui Qi, Senior Web Designer/Developer
  • Ginger Bidwell, Senior Web Designer/Developer

Special thanks are due to the following members of The University of Arizona Libraries

  • Karen Williams, Dean of the Libraries
  • Shan Sutton, Vice Dean of the Libraries
  • Jeremy Frumkin, Associate Dean of the Libraries
  • Steve Hussman, Director of Special Collections 
  • Larry Jones, Assistant Director, Facilities Operation Memorial Student Union

Numerous other individuals have contributed to the project including, Bob Diaz, Trent Purdy, Aengus Anderson, Rebecca Blakiston, Shoshana Mayden, Deborah Quintana, Ryan Jones and student assistants Douglas Welch, and Michelle Boyer-Kelly.