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Masks of May

“Masks of May” includes 31 masks made by Racheal Rios and Rebecca Zapien representing each day in May. Materials are found and repurposed objects from home generally regarded as mundane. Desert fruit, blooms and found natural material from isolated hikes and walks. Bandanas have long been used as a mask by farmworkers, construction workers, landscapers as a way to protect themselves from the environment in which they work in, protection as a form of survival. Masks were made daily and squeezed into the time they had while juggling home schooling, families and work. 

About the Artists

RR-y-RZ, a collaboration between Racheal Rios and Rebecca Zapien.  We are makers, teachers and learners. RR-y-RZ is our way to use art in late stage capitalism to redistribute money to organizations & groups doing necessary work on stolen land.  As of January 2020, RR-y-RZ have donated approximately $3000 through the sale of their work.  Money raised by the sale of our art has gone to No More Deaths, Mi Familia Vota, Casa Maria, Sonoran Prevention Works, Mariposas Sin Fronteras, Tucson Abortion Support Collective, Florence Project, Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund and a few other local organizations.  Our original investment of $200 each made it possible for us to start this project.  RR-y-RZ donate 100% of the profits and reinvest the startup money.  RR-y-RZ are grateful for the opportunity to do this work.